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Checkout the example in the monorepo for an advanced use case.

Search plugin with Algolia provider

This guide will provide a step-by-step explanation on how to setup content indexing to Algolia for a Strapi v4 application. The six steps will explain in detail how to setup a basic Strapi application, your Algolia application, the basic plugin config and how to index your first entry to Algolia.


1. Strapi application

First we start by creating a fresh Strapi application, run the following command.

yarn create strapi-app search-with-algolia --quickstart
npx create-strapi-app search-with-algolia --quickstart

After the Strapi application has been created register your first administrator.

Initial administrator

2. Create a Post collection type

After registering the initial administrator, we can use the Content-Type Builder to create our first collection type Post. Navigate to the Content-Type Builder and create a new collection type with the following configurations and example fields:

Post collection type configurations Post collection type fields

Save the collection type and wait for the server to restart.

3. Sign up and create your Algolia application

If you don't already have an Algolia application you can create on by signing up at algolia.com/users/sign_up. Once you have created you Algolia application, navigate to Settings > Team and Access > API Keys or algolia.com/account/api-keys.

Algolia API keys settings

Copy your Application ID and Admin API Key to the .env file in your project root.

// ...

4. Install plugin and provider

Stop your Strapi application, navigate to your strapi project with cd search-with-algolia in your terminal and install the Search plugin and the Algolia provider packages with:

yarn add @mattie-bundle/strapi-plugin-search @mattie-bundle/strapi-provider-search-algolia
npm install @mattie-bundle/strapi-plugin-search @mattie-bundle/strapi-provider-search-algolia

5. Configure the plugin and provider

After the packages have been installed we can configure the Search plugin and the Algolia provider in the ./config/plugins.js file with the following example below. If the plugins.js file doesn't exist you can create a new file.

'use strict';

module.exports = ({ env }) => ({
  // ...
  search: {
    enabled: true,
    config: {
      provider: 'algolia',
      providerOptions: {
        apiKey: env('ALGOLIA_PROVIDER_ADMIN_API_KEY'),
        applicationId: env('ALGOLIA_PROVIDER_APPLICATION_ID'),
      contentTypes: [{ name: 'api::post.post' }],

6. Index a Post entry ✨

Everything is correctly setup! Let's start the Strapi application with yarn develop or npm run develop and create the first Post entry. After the server has started go to the admin panel (http://localhost:1337/admin) and navigate to Content Manager > COLLECTION TYPES > Post and click on + Create new Entry. Now create your first Post and hit Save and Publish to index this entry into your Algolia application.

Create first Post entry

Now the entry is saved, check your Algolia application if it has been indexed successfully, in the Algolia dashboard you should see something similar as the image below.

First Post entry indexed
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